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Postby Petition » Mon Feb 02, 2015 12:40 pm

By Joseph-Christos Kondylakis , Nuclear Physicist/specialized in Nuclear FISSION (Applied+Theoretically) , 2014 , Tel+Fax:+30-2291055275 , Greece

Date: Sun Nov 23 13:59:48 EET 2014
From: ""
To: , , , , , , ,
CC: ,


To:I.C.C.'Prosecutor+Εισαγγελείες[Α.Π.+Εφετών+Πρωτοδικών] των Αθηνών+Ε.Υ.Π.+Ελλην.Αστυνομία+κ.α , και ως Σχετικόν της Μήνυσης μου ΙΒ2010/6120 πρός την Εισαγγελεία Πρωτοδικών των Αθηνών+τα Σχετικά της
c.c. President of European Parliament Mr. Martin Schulz+Others

From: Joseph-Christos Kondylakis,Nuclear Physicist/specialized in Nuclear FISSION(Applied+Theoretical), Mikras Asias 13, Agios Nikolaos, Anavissou, 19013 Attiki, Greece, Tel+Fax:+30-22910-55275 (in my house) or +30-22910-76358 (in H.C.M.R.) , Sunday-23-Nov-2014

Dear Sir(s) or Madam(s)

In Continuation of my Automatically consideration for Acting(Αυτεπαγγέλτως) ΜΗΝΗΣΗΣ μου(Law Action) IB2010/6120 to the Prosecution of first instance Criminal Court in Athens,Greece, concening CRIMES OF INTERNATIONAL NUCLEAR SAFETY,E.T.C. plus its Relevant other Law Actions of mine, we are sad to acnowledge to the Receipians of this e-mail that even the URGENT of Themes concerning the INTERNATIONAL+EUROPEAN NUCLEAR SAFETY the Greek Prosecution(s) was Not proceeded efficient in these CRITICAL Law Action(s) for VITAL Interests of NUCLEAR SAFETY of Europe+Humanity+Planet Earth...Therfore
A) We request from the Receivers of this e-mail to Think+Act(s) & Communicate with the Legal Services so Efficiently & Effectively the Criminal Investigations to proceed in order to Significantly Upgrate the International Law level of Nuclear Safety , before Unthinkable Catastrophes may happen...
B) In relation to the above and as continuation of our e-mail , in the following I include the text of mine three(3) original scientific research articles which refer to VITAL ! Themes of International Nuclear Safety for Carefull relevant Consideration+Thinking+Action(s)...

URGENT (Because it refers to Vital ! Themes of European+International Nuclear Power Safety...)

Dear Sir(s) or Madam(s)

In this e-mail of mine to you that I send you togethet with its attached files (which contains two original scientific research articles of mine that was published in the two proceedings of Hellenic Nuclear Physics Society Scientific Symposium,Thessaloniki,2010 and in the 12th International Conference on the Protection & Restoration of Environment,Skiathos,2014 and a Nuclear Law scientific article of mine circulated in International Law & Nuclear associations) which the three scientific articles I think must be Studied and Effectively utilized by National & International Organizations & Elsewhere ,in order to improve significally the low level of European & International Nuclear Power Safety and I will be glad to contribute further to it...

Because problems! may imposed in the communications to open the attached files , in the following I send you the three scientific articles in plain text...


Δημοσιεύθηκε στα Πρακτικά του 19ου Επιστημονικού Συνεδρίου της Ενώσεως Ελλήνων Πυρηνικών Φυσικών (Ε.Ε.Π.Φ.) , πού έγινε την 28-29 Μα’ί’ου 2010 στο Αριστοτέλειο Πανεπιστήμιο της Θεσσαλονίκης , στην Θεσσαλονίκη, η πρωτότυπη ερευνητική εργασία του Ιωσήφ-Χρήστου Κονδυλάκη με τίτλο , μεταφρασμένο στα Ελληνικά από τα Αγγλικά,
«ΘΕΩΡΗΤΙΚΩΣ ΚΑΙ ΠΡΑΚΤΙΚΩΣ ΚΑΤΩ ΑΠΟ ΠΟΛΥ ΕΙΔΙΚΕΣ ΣΥΝΘΗΚΕΣ ΕΝΑΣ ΠΥΡΗΝΙΚΟΣ ΑΝΤΙΔΡΑΣΤΗΡΑΣ ΣΧΑΣΕΩΣ ΜΠΟΡΕΙ ΝΑ ΕΚΡΑΓΕΙ ΩΣ ΠΥΡΗΝΙΚΗ ΒΟΜΒΑ».Το εν λόγω επιστημονικό άρθρο υπάρχει στις σελίδες 121-130 των δημοσιευμένων πρακτικών που υπάρχουν (στα Αγγλικά) στην παρακάτω Ιντερνετ διεύθυνση της Ε.Ε.Π.Φ.
Η εν λόγω επιστημονική έρευνα αποσκοπεί σε Σημαντική συνεισφορά για την Αύξηση της Πυρηνικής Ασφάλειας Παγκοσμίως και ο δημιουργός της εν’λόγω επιστημονικής έρευνας είναι διαθέσιμος δια θέματα ΠΥΡΗΝΙΚΗΣ ΑΣΦΑΛΕΙΑΣ και δια άλλα π.χ. Δι-επιστημονικά θέματα σχετικά με το βιογραφικό του που υπάρχει στην Ιντερνετ δ/νση ... /41/90/272
Από τον Ιωσήφ-Χρήστος Κονδυλάκης , Πυρηνικό Φυσικό/Ειδικευμένο στην Πυρηνική Σχάση(Εφηρμοσμένα + Θεωρητικά ) , τηλ+φαξ 2291055275 ή 2291076358 , e-mail: , Παρασκευή-30-Νοεμβρίου-2012


It was published in the Proceedings of 19th Scientific symposium of the Hellenic Nuclear Physics Society (HNPS) which hold on 28-29 May 2010 at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece , the critical original research on the theme “THEORETICALLY AND UNDER VERY SPECIAL APPLIED CONDITIONS A NUCLEAR FISSION REACTOR MAY EXPLODE AS NUCLEAR BOMB” by Joseph-Christos Kondylakis. This scientific article exist in the pages 121-130 of the published Proceedings which are also available from the Internet site of HNPS :
This original scientific research, perhaps the first of its kind in quantitative approach , has as goal to contribute to Significant improvement in themes of INTERNATIONAL NUCLEAR SAFETY. The creator of this research is available for contributions in themes of NUCLEAR SAFETY as well in other themes f.e. in Multi-sciences & technologies considerations in themes related to his interests , which are expressed in his C.V. which is available in Internet ,f.e from the site: ... /41/90/272
from: Joseph-Christos Kondylakis, Nuclear Physicist/Specialized in Nuclear Fission (Applied+Theoretically),former Assistant Technical Supervisor in the Nuclear Generation division of “Ontario Hydro” in Canada , Former Manager of Systems Design & Development in Canada . Tel+Fax: +30-2291055275 or +30-2291076358
e-mail : , on Friday-30-November-2012

A vital theme for the protection of humanity and environment of planet earth: the biggest risk in the international nuclear safety

J.C. Kondylakis
Hellenic Centre for Marine Research, Anavissos region, 19013 Attiki, Greece

e-mai:, tel+fax:+30-2291055275, 30-June-2014

Very Serious problems exist in the qualifications & specialties concerning the nuclear fission in the Management and Employees, worldwide, in the Organizations related to Nuclear power and Nuclear Safety. The Biggest Risk in the International Nuclear Safety is the very small possibility a Nuclear fission reactor to explode as a Nuclear Bomb.

Keyword : Nuclear Safety, Nuclear Bomb, Management Qualifications, Nuclear Fission, Environmental Protection


Nuclear Accidents do not recognize the boundaries of Nations and they can effect Severally the Humans and the Ecosystem(s) for extremes durations of times…

The Nuclear Safety is a Vital Theme of Paramount value for the Humanity and the Ecosystems. The Deaths from the Chernobyl Nuclear Accident ,USSR, 1986 , until 2009 was estimated from IAEA/WHO to about 4000 Humans [1] and from to scientific literature [2] to about 1.000.000 Humans. Also have been reported from the Associated Press,USA, on Thursday 21-April-2011, that the cost of a worst case (Not for the even Worst Extreme Severe case of a Nuclear explosion when a Nuclear Fission power Reactor explode as Nuclear Bomb! [3] ,which is Much More Worst case of Nuclear Accident) a severe Nuclear Accident in Germany , has estimated to result in a total cost as much as 7.6 Trillions! Euro…


If a typical Nuclear Fission Reactor of about 1000 MWe power explode as Nuclear Bomb! Then about Two Tones (2 000 000 000 000 micrograms) of Plutonium will go to atmospheric circulation in inhaled sizes particles ,and Think about one microgram of Plutonium if it is inhaled can cause Cancer to a Human…

Considering the scientific research [4] of Prof. John W. Gofman/Medical Physics/University of Berkeley,Callifornia,USA:
a) From Tables 8,9 the micrograms of Reactor-Plutonium per lung Cancer dose(capable to cause “one’ Cancer in Human) are:
For Cigarettes Smokers
“Gofman-Tamplin” 0.011 μgr , “Beir” 0.043 μgr , “Cohen” 0.203 μgr
For Non-cigarettes smokers
“Gofman-Tamplin” 1.4 μgr , “Beir” 5.4 μgr , “Cohen” 25.4 μgr
Carefully Note: That the above numbers Assume that the Inhaled Plutonium will distribute in the WHOLE lung of 570 gr. In reality we may expect that the Plutonium will distribute in a PART of lung (study page S14612 ) and therefore Much Less micrograms of Reactor-Plutonium it is needed per “one” dose of Lung Cancer!...
Assuming that the Reactor-Plutonium will distribute in the WHOLE lung, then using the Table 9 we find for Two Tones! (2000 Kgr) inhaled Reactor-Plutonium that result in number of Lung Cancer doses:
“Gofman-Tamplin” : 1 488 986 700 000 !!!...
“Beir” : 374 449 320 000 !!...
“Cohen” : 78 854 622 000 !...
Note: Scientifically thinking on the text in page S14615 we note that the Plutonium distributed in atmosphere because of Nuclear Weapons Testing in 1950s and 1960s
i) It was NOT reactor-plutonium ,but Pu-239 which is about 5.4 LESS Dangerous…
ii) The Nuclear Weapons Testing Plutonium Widely distributed in Space-Time, while in the Nuclear Fission Reactor explosion as Nuclear Bomb! It is MUCH More Dangerous as initially will be a “Point” Space-Time Effect(s)…Therefore Ultra-care and Urgency is Needed for Support of further Research(es) and relevant actions,worldwide,etc,…

The BIGGEST HUGE Problem!!! in the International Nuclear Safety And the First Cause in almost All Nuclear Accidents is the HUMAN FACTOR!!! (The ETHICS+QUALIFICATIONS+SPECIALITY(IES) of the Management! & the Employees & the Suppliers of relevant Resources , the Politicians ,etc)related to Nuclear Energy activities , as in Nuclear Power Plants (where exist from Navy people until…biologists BUT it is Extreme Difficult!!! to exist Nuclear Physicists/specialized in Nuclear FISSION…) and in the International Nuclear Organizations as the International “atomic”(NUCLEAR) Energy Agency (I.”A”.E.A.)[where the Presidents of its Board of Governors are…Lawyers or graduate of Master of Arts!!!(Painters??) and also similar “qualifications” have the I.”A”.E.A.’General Directors who ALL of Them are FULLY IGNORANCE!!! of the Science & Technology of Nuclear Physics/Engineering and these persons…”decide”!!! on Extreme “Key” Decisions which concern the International Nuclear Safety!!! and its Future! and They …”inspect”!!! Nuclear Power Plants, etc, S.O.S….S.O.S…S.O.S…]

Because of the above mentioned in Thinkfull+Urgent ways , Internationally, the present Seriously BAD!!! State of International Nuclear Safety (also Investigate [5])Must!!! Change and Must!!! be Seriously!!! Upgraded…

[1] I.A.E.A./W.H.O., 2005. Report on Chernobyl Nuclear Accident.
[2]Alexey V. Yablokov, Vassily B. Nesterenko, Alexey V. Nesterenko and Janette D. Sherman-Nevinger (Jan 12, 2010), Chernobyl: Consequences of the Catastrophe for the People and the Environment. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, USA.
[3] Kondylakis J.C., 2010. Theoretically and under very special applied conditions a nuclear fission reactor may explode as Nuclear Bomb. Proceedings of the 19th Hellenic Nuclear Physics Society Symposium, May 2010, Thessaloniki Greece, 121-130.
[4] USA Congressional Record-Senate of July 31, 1975, its portion S14610-14620 ,
[5] Kondylakis J.C., 1998+, my Relevant to International Nuclear Safety Law Action to the Prosecutors of the Greek Supreme Criminal Court of Justice, with file number 8081/5-11-1998 And its relevant later Information.


By Joseph-Christos Kondylakis , ,
16-October-2013,Tel+Fax:+30-22910-55275 or -76358 , Anavissos region, Attiki ,19013 Greece

The Human factor is the main cause in almost all severe nuclear accidents, therefore it is very wise to use in preventive ways the criminal law in the International Nuclear Safety. The nuclear accidents they do not recognize the boundaries of Nations therefore in our theme the national(s) and international criminal law must be considered. By considering preventive actions of prosecutors and others the meaning of attempt under dolus eventualis together with other concepts of criminal law is considered. Because of the Huge catastrophes that can be arise from nuclear accident(s) we consider our theme Vital for the Humanity and planet Earth ecosystem(s) health . We hope , because of the Vital important of our theme , this initial research to open new ways for additional researches and studies in national and international considerations, in the form of scientific articles,reports,conferences,etc and to practical applications in the form of legislation,court of justice actions and decisions,etc, primarily focusing in preventive issues.

Keywords : International,nuclear,safety,criminal,law,

A. Definitions (my original definitions)
The meaning of the Nuclear Safety is any thinking expression with logical reasoning and resulting action(s) contributing to improve the safety of a nuclear energy system(s).
The meaning of the Human factor in the nuclear safety is considered to include All directly or/and indirectly related humans to nuclear safety as the relevant Managers, Operators, Designers, Workers, Administrators, Resources’suppliers,Politicians and others of relevant to nuclear energy related organizations.

B. Historical relevant cases and problematism
Relevant in bibliography are from [1] until and [17].
This author is a nuclear physicist specialized in the nuclear fission(applied and theoretically) and former assistant technical supervisor in the biggest nuclear power plants organization(Headquarters) in Canada and former Manager of systems design & development in Canada, in a commercial company with more than one hundred stores across Canada. He has also made scientific publications in the field of criminal law and he has studied books from many sciences & technologies , therefore he may considered as specialist in our theme.
From his personal perception and knowledge some very critical cases that he noticed relevant to the international nuclear safety are the following:
1) The vital role of Management in nuclear systems is significantly degraded because mainly the Managers they often do not have the proper specialized knowledge in nuclear physics/engineering particularly as it concerns the essential knowledge of nuclear fission which has the decisive impact in nuclear reactors, nuclear weapons and nuclear accidents processes.In practice the Managers in nuclear systems often have specialization as in turbines! coming from…navy submarines or civil engineers who studied how to construct houses(as for example the case of a former General Director of the Greek “Atomic” Energy Commission and elsewhere).In addition to the above there is huge lack of managerial motivations to sub ordinaries, and often exist low subordinates moral, etc. The above have a very critical role in nuclear safety and in the quality of managerial decisions, who to hire, who to promote, how to allocate relevant resources to case(s)[priorities,organosis,planning,delegations,responsibilities,time,proper humans,finance,information, materials,psychological factors,safety culture, work’environment /ergonomics ,etc) and it is most critical in the required from the Managerial qualifications the “deep & wide” understanding the scientific nuclear physics/engineering problem(s). Therefore the Managerial/supervisor role(of all managerial levels)it may considered to be the biggest influence to the nuclear human factor and to possible nuclear accidents and to the resulting possibly huge Catastrophes…
2) The national and international organizations related to nuclear energy and nuclear safety from my bad experience with the International “Atomic”(NUCLEAR) Energy Agency[I.A.E.A.], the Euratom, the European Commission/Energy, the Greek “Atomic” Energy Agency, the American Nuclear Society and others is mainly on not answering to our communications and also to not effectively acting on our nuclear safety warnings,etc. Similar bad experiences with nuclear engineering journal(s) exist that they do not publish very critical scientific articles (if certain interests they do not want it) and by so doing both (the nuclear organizations and nuclear issues journal)the Big crime against humanity of not allowing very critical information of international nuclear safety to arrive to nuclear physics/engineering specialists and other scientists , worldwide, in order to prevent possible Huge catastrophic nuclear accidents, therefore it may considered as criminal attempts with dolus eventualis for huge number of homicides and heavy health damages to humans and ecosystem(s)because they facilitate nuclear accidents to happen…
3) The national and international community Must encourage, motivate, support by giving relevant resources and to utilize in the best optimum way their most special good qualified nuclear physicists/engineers, particularly those who are well specialized in nuclear physics/nuclear fission(applied and theoretically) and with global perception in many sciences and technologies, so to significantly contribute to the advancing of the International Nuclear Safety…
4) E.T.C.

C. The Biggest Risk of International Nuclear Safety.
Relevant are from the following bibliography the references from [1] to and [17] .
In relevant thinking and actions to our Theme must be well aware and particularly with PREVENTIVE!!! thinking and actions that it is possible a nuclear fission reactor to explode as nuclear bomb, even with very small possibility but with HUGE BIG Consequences for the Humanity and ecosystems therefore the Risk is Great!(The Risk is usually defined as the product of the probability to happen a harmful event by the Severity of its Consequences). Because then from a typical 1000 MWe nuclear fission reactor plant if it explode as nuclear bomb then about two Tones( 2 000 000 000 000 micrograms ) of Plutonium will go to atmospheric circulation in inhaled sizes particles and Think one microgram of Plutonium if it is inhaled can cause Deadly Cancer. If you then think in economics damage(s) then perhaps a consideration may be in decades of Trillions of Euro. For more understanding study the scientific article of Joseph-Christos Kondylakis which was presented in the 19th scientific symposium of the Hellenic Nuclear Physics Society at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki , Greece in 2010 and its published proceedings also exist in the Internet site:

D. Criminal Law Analysis
1. Criminal Law relevant analysis
Useful theoretical and applied discussion of crimes with dolus eventualis and relevant crimes to our theme exist in the books in the bibliography [9],[10],[11],[12],[13],[14],[15],[16] . [17] .

in this article initially we think the following relevant criminal law concepts:
a) Possible crime(s) against Humanity by facilitating with attempts with dolus eventualis the happening of extreme severe nuclear accident(s) with ultra catastrophic consequences for the Humanity and planet Earth ecosystem(s)[refer to above written section C ]…
b) Creation of Serious Danger situation(s) which facilitate the European & International Severe Nuclear Accidents happening with Dolus eventualis (endexomenos dolos , in Greek language)
c) Attempt(s) ,with Dolus eventualis,, to Huge number of Homicides because of facilitating Severe Nuclear Accidents happening
d) Violation of Duty e) possible criminal Negligence
f) possible other crimes.
The relevant criminal investigations and legal actions must be considered against ALL possible actors and Moral initiators(Hthikoi Autourgoi , in Greek language) as an often Continuing crime legal consideration,etc
Our legal problematism will be thinking initially as following:
Having in mind primarily the Prevention! of nuclear accidents we will focus our discussion in the legal concepts of i) Attempts ii) Criminal negligence and iii) violation of duty iv) Continuous crime , as they are perceived under the concept of dolus eventualis (under the main dolus concept these criminal law categories are considered well understood, but still it is usefull to be discussed) as they related to the meaning of nuclear safety. In this legal discussion any good relevant discussion with legal reasoning from law professionals is very welcome[the contributors can mention their relevant legal opinion and if it is included in this article then in reference section I will acknowledge their name].
Criminal law attempts with dolus eventualis are possible as f.e. in our theme when someone accept (and his/her moral initiator(s) offer) the Risk of a job in a nuclear organization, where he/she has not have adequate qualifications under the meaning of nuclear safety, viz because of his/her lack of relevant nuclear qualifications facilitate the happening of a nuclear accident and he/she accept this risk of crime of big number of homicides and huge number of heavy damages in Humans and ecosystems health. This is very serious and can happens from the assignment of someone as f.e. a manager without the adequate knowledge in nuclear fission and nuclear engineering required in a nuclear power plant, until the assignment of a graduate of master of…art!(painter?) as a(she) president of the board of governors of the International “Atomic”(NUCLEAR) Energy Agency Responsible! for the International! Nuclear Safety!!!...When a nuclear physicist learn that the General Director of International “Atomic” Energy agency, a…lawyer go to…inspect the Nuclear power plants in Fukushima nuclear accident area, he does not laugh but he/she become extremely Angry!!! ,because of his/her Scientifical Understanding of the Huge Nuclear Risk for Humanity and planet Earth ecosystems that the “inspector” creates, particularly for extreme severe nuclear accidents Risk(s) ,as mentioned in the above written section C. With all the respect to the lawyers for their contribution to Justice , please tell us how a lawyer who possibly do not know to solve an extremely elementary mathematical equation will…understand nuclear physics/engineering themes which may require…integral differential system of equations solving and understanding!!!S.O.S.,S.O.S.,S.O.S.,...This is a case of an attempt with dolus eventualis because of the Big! decision power and Responsibility! of the “inspector”,interpreted the above as attempt crime with dolus eventualis for the risk of crime of huge number of homicides and heavy damages to huge number of humans and ecosystem(s) , and as possible continuing crime because the radioactivity damages to humans and ecosystems are also of continuing time duration,from days to millions of years depending from the radioisotope(s),…
The violation of duty is a very common crime that can be considered under the concept of dolus eventualis in all cases imagined that someone violate his duty and accept a risk which facilitate the creation of a nuclear accident,from f.e. bad ethics actions to the firing or pressing to resign a good qualified nuclear employee and further…
The criminal negligence is also possible under the concept of dolus eventualis as f.e. in cases when someone take actions or not taking actions that create a risk(s) for nuclear accident and he/she accept the risk(s) of this crime and this also may be a continuous crime. An other often case is when someone do not promote or not-assign or not support or not utilize someone with special nuclear qualifications who can decrease the risk of a nuclear accident and by doing so he/she facilitate the happening of a nuclear accident. This can also be a continuing crime for the whole time interval that the persons with special nuclear qualifications are not effectively utilized with the goal of increasing the international nuclear safety.This is of course a continuing crime as long the displaced employee do not be utilized again efficiently to increase the nuclear safety…

2. Criminal law proposed relevant investigations
In relevant to the above Investigate in ALL Nations of United Nations and worldwide at least the following:
a) What are the Scientific Qualifications of the Directors and Managers and Personnel in ALL Organizations related to Nuclear Energy and Nuclear Power ,worldwide, as these Related(directly or/and indirectly) to the science+enginnering of Nuclear Physics and Nuclear FISSION which Directly! effect the Nuclear Safety of planet Earth ,since these persons are “key” decisions makers issuing Vital! decisions concerning directly or/and indirectly the International Nuclear Safety! ...
b) As an example, from the very many examples, investigate if any essential and effective action(s) has been taken in response to my(as a nuclear physicist/specialized in nuclear FISSION ,with practical experience in nuclear engineering in Canada) Urgent Nuclear Safety communications with the International “Atomic”(NUCLEAR) Energy Agency since about the year 1999 and with other Greek,European and International organizations or if Criminally Ignored my and others Nuclear Safety PREVENTION!!! of Nuclear Accidents communications which can be considered Critical for the International Nuclear Safety…

3. Some initial recommendations
a. We propose the creation of a an international independent committee consisting from very good qualified and with good ethics nuclear physicists specialized in nuclear fission(Theoretically and Applied), other specializations of nuclear physicists, nuclear engineers, prosecutors, criminal law lawyers which will be receiving communications,worldwide, concerning nuclear safety , even from anonymous senders and to be registering all these communications and to answer them ,with Responsibility, for all these communications and to promote them in national and international organizations in priority for best possible thinking and actions, primarily for Prevention of nuclear accidents and receiving feedback(s) from its senders and receivers. This Committee may also communicate mainly in Preventive ways with prosecutors in national and international courts of justice.
b. Find efficient ways for the best optimum utilization(in national and international levels) of the most useful specialized(even retired scientists/engineers) persons in nuclear fission, nuclear physics/engineering and nuclear safety.
c. In the criminal law new research field to be created under the concept “Nuclear Safety via Criminal Law including Preventive actions” and to promote relevant national and international legislation. Particular emphasis to be given to preventive criminal investigations concerning the qualifications of nuclear managers/supervisors and workers.
d. A huge problems in many nations(including my nation,Greece) is that the “connections” and friendship is often the First factor to obtain a job or a promotion and this is a Huge Severe Risk in Nuclear Safety! And in nuclear systems(even if someone take exams often happens the “friends” to be informed the answers of exams, particularly if they have “key” political “connections”…)Some one must tell the True that everyone know ,but no one dare to tell it…particularly when he writes about Vital themes of the International Nuclear Safety!...

E. Thinking for future consideration, research, studies and actions

This scientific article is very original and open new directions in the International Nuclear Safety and Criminal Law relevant scientific research. It is an initial scientific effort and this author hope to stimulate further scientific research in this theme which is considered Vital for the Humanity and the planet Earth ecosystem(s)by publishing relevant scientific articles,reports, and presentations in scientific Conferences,etc. The Law professionals,internationally, and their associations(f.e. the International association of Prosecutors and others) must be informed and be involved in our Theme efforts as well as Politicians to contribute to relevant legislations and Prosecutors, Judges and Lawyers to initiate relevant Court of Justice cases primarily in Preventive! ways. Financial and Resources supports must become easily and in priority available to all possible contributors to our theme,internationally, for the benefits of Humanity and planet Earth ecosystem(s).Universities must stimulate scientific research in our theme in multi-sciences & technologies perception,etc,…

F. I very much thank the Good God and my extended family and my good friends and the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Greece which provide me moral support for decades of years and All of Them supporting me in my difficult times and so I was able today to offer this contribution to the international nuclear safety…

G. Bibliography

1. “Nuclear Fission” by Robert Vandenbosch, et al , 1973
2. “Nuclear Reactor Analysis” by James J. Duderstadt et al ,1976
3. “Theoretically and under very special applied conditions a nuclear fission reactor may explode as nuclear bomb” by Joseph-Christos Kondylakis, published in the proceedings of 19th Symposium of the Hellenic Nuclear Physics Society at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki,Greece on May 2010 and also it exist in the Internet site:
4. My(Joseph-Christos Kondylakis) Law Action to the Prosecution of the Supreme Court of Justice in Greece , with file number 8081/5-11-1998 AND its relevant later information relevant to international nuclear safety.
5. “A consideration of some uncommon but Very Critical aspects of Nuclear safety” by Joseph-Christos Kondylakis, (my practical experience from working in Nuclear Reactor(s) Plants Headquarters in North America,1983,last version 2001, with very good scientific comments from Prof. Jacques Poirier, Commissariat a l’Energie Atomique (DRN) of France, editor of the journal “Nuclear Engineering & Design” , but other bad interests did not allow the publication of my Original and Critical article in this journal.
6. “Multiphase flow Dynamics 5: Nuclear Thermo Hydraulics” by Nikolay I. Kolev , 2011
7. “Nuclear Power Reactor Safety” by E. E. Lewis ,1977
8. “Reactor Accidents : Institutional Failure in the Nuclear Industry” by David Mosey , 2006
9. “Ενδεχόμενος Δόλος και Βαρειά Αμέλεια”, από τον Θεμιστοκλη Ι. Σοφός , 2008
(Dolus Eventualis and Heavy Negligence , in Greek)
10.”Ποινικό Δίκαιο,Γενικό μέρος”,του Νικολάου Ανδρουλάκη,Ι,ΙΙ,ΙΙΙ,2000-8
(Criminal Law,general part,in Greek)
11. “Κοινώς Επικοινδυνα Εγκλήματα, άρθρα 264-284 ΠΚ”, της Μ. Κα’ι’φα-Γκμπάντι,2004
(Common Danger creation crimes, in Greek)
12. “Criminal Law,text,cases & material” by Jonathan Herring, 4th edition , 2010
13. ‘The Law of Negligence” , by J. Charlesworth , 1947
14. “Criminal Attempts” by R. A. Duff ,1996
15. “Criminal Attempts & Punishment” by Monica Chawla , 2006
16. “Crime and Culpability” by Larry Alexander & Kimberly Ferzan , 2009
17. “Attempt , Reckless Homicides , and the Design of Criminal Law” by Michael t. Cahill , Yale university , 2007
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