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Βρήκες ή ψάχνεις κάτι ενδιαφέρον για τους τομείς των Μαθηματικών, της Φυσικής ή της Πληροφορικής; Για πέρνα να τα πούμε...

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Postby Thinking » Sun Dec 18, 2016 10:24 pm

To: Honorable Lady International Criminal Court'Prosecutor

Example of legislation:
From the Cyprus Criminal code,1959 edition,
Attempt to murder...
214. Any person who
(a) attempts unlawfully to cause the death of another ; or
(b) with intent unlawfully to cause the death of another ,does any act, or omits to do any act which it is his duty to do, such act or omission being of such a nature as to be likely to ENDANGER
human life, is guilty of a felony, and is liable to imprisonment for life.
Therefore, putting barriers! in the Prevention!! of Nuclear Accidents & Catastrophes or/and in vital Cancer scientific research ,which can results in Very Very Many Human Deaths ,in worldwide considerations, is an ATTEMPT OF CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY WITH at least in DOLUS EVENTUALIS...
& this is a legal reasoning for my case,previously informed as:

To: International Criminal Court(I.C.C.)'Prosecutor

Dear honorable Lady Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court of Justice

Thank you very much for your reply letter to me and your initial interest in my case(s).
In my legal understanding my case concern Crime Against Humanity , because by using continuous economical war and other forms of wars against me and others who can significantly contribute in the Prevention of Nuclear Catastrophes and in Accelerating the progress towards possible cure of Cancer illness and in other scientific vital themes for the Humanity , it may be considered to constitute the Crime of facilitating the occurrence of possible Huge number (very many Millions) Human Deaths, which is an Attempt for Crime Against Humanity...

With High Respect
From: Joseph-Christos Kondylakis,Research Scientist,Mikras Asias 13,Agios Niklaos,Anavissou,19013 Attiki,Greece,tel+fax:+30-2291055275, Thursday-8-December-2016
Dear honorable Lady International Criminal Court'Prosecutor
In the following I sent you an article from Internet which together
with my scientific researches in Extreme Severe Nuclear Accident [in
which a Nuclear Fission Reactor explode as Nuclear Bomb ! ] justify
in such case(s) the cost a very many Millions of Human Deaths(Think 1
microgram[0.000001 gram] of inhaled plutonium can cause Cancer to a
Human And the economical cost of the order of about 30 to 150
Trillions !! of Euro...
Read more: ... -expensive

VITAL NOTE: from Joseph-Christos Kondylakis,Nuclear
Physicist/specialized in Nuclear Fission(Applied+Theoretically),Dec
2016, “An Extreme Severe Nuclear Accident in which a Nuclear Fission
Power Reactor explode as Nuclear Bomb ! , in a typical Nuclear Power
plant of about 4 x 1000 MWe Nuclear Reactors AND with their used
Nuclear fuel Storages is estimated to cost in very many Millions
Human Deaths!!... and in money of the order of about 30 to 150
Trillions!! Euro...,in long time considerations...”
(It follows my text in English language , translated from the Greek language)
URGENT Law Action for automatic consideration(because it concerns the Public & World Interests, viz for the International Nuclear Safety/Prevention of Nuclear Accidents, Oncology/The Unified Theory of Oncology and Other Vital importance scientific issues...)
From: Joseph-Christos Kondylakis(Ιωσήφ-Χρήστος Κ. Κονδυλάκης),Physicist graduated with Excellent degree from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki,Greece, Nuclear Physicist/specialized in Nuclear Fission(Applied+Theoretically) from McGill University of Canada financed with Canadian Scholarship and with holistic perception in many sciences & technologies, previously Manager of Systems Design & Development in Canada. Postal address : Mikras Asias 13, Agios Nikolaos, Anavissou, 19013 Attiki, Greece, tel+fax:+30-2291055275 ,Wednesday-7-December-2016

To:I.C.C.,Criminal Prosecutions in Athens,Greece,International
“Atomic” Energy Agency, Embassies of Nations, Others

I am the only one in Greece Nuclear Physicist specialized in Nuclear Fission(Applied+Theoretically) and with working experience in Nuclear Power Plants in Canada ,and the first research scientist who published the first Fundamental work in Nuclear Safety in the theme “A Nuclear Fission Reactor under special conditions may explode as Nuclear Bomb!...” with possible Consequences very many Millions of Human Deaths , in long time consideration, and economical cost estimated of the order of 30 to 150 Trillions! of Euro...
In addition, I am the first scientist,worldwide,who created the Fundamental UNIFIED Theory of Oncology ,which can guide as “compass” in an accelarated way the applied Cancer research towards to possible effective cure of Cancer illness, at least in most of its cases...
However, a continuous economical war against me is in operation,because f.e. for more than two years is delayed to give me my pension money from I.K.A.(Government'Organization for Social Security) and at the same time the Goverment is asking from me high propery taxes(ENFIA) with the result to have made me to be economical miserable ,and with great economical weakness to not be able to buy the very expensive scientific books that are necessary for the continuation of my scientific research, with result extremely strongly to be prevented to scientifically contribute in the vital !! scientific fields of International Nuclear Safety, Oncology and in other fields...
The above mentioned my very critical and vital contributions were told to a criminal Prosecutor of listening at the first instance criminal court of justice in Athens,Greece and the criminal Prosecutor signed an order to I.K.A. (with registration number 37546 of 25-May-2015) with which he gave the order to I.K.A. into 20 days! for me to start obtaining my full pension money ,and this order of the criminal Prosecutor I gave to the General Director of I.K.A. (with registration number 7919 of 25-May-2015)...
The I.K.A. IGNORED the order of the criminal Prosecutor and then I made a law action to the criminal Prosecution of the first instance criminal court in Athens, Greece , BUT I did Not received any reply or further communication or action from the court...
Because such INACTION from the Responsible persons ,in such VERY URGENT & VITAL !! scientific Themes,which concern the whole Humanity!!, and with the fact that in a my telephone communication with I.K.A. its employee told me boldy that “you will receive your pension in...four years! “, because in parallel of my scientific researches also I do research and investigations for the Worldwide Satanic(kabbalah,talmud) Jewish Dictatorship ,which my research & investigations I communicate, widely, in national authorities & elsewhere , therefore I suspect that the very strong continuous economical war against me has probably the support of top Jews , for example perhaps of the Jews (as it has published in the Greek newspaper “Eleutheri Ora” to be Jews) Prime-ministers of...Greece Papandreou,Simitis, Tsipras,Mistotakis , Mason President of the “Greek” Democracy Paulopoulos and Others...,because propably only such top support may explain the HUGE INACTION !! of the Responsible Authorities in such ULTRA VITAL Importance Themes, as of the INTERNATIONAL NUCLEAR SAFETY/PREVENTION, FUNDAMENTAL ONCOLOGICAL RESEARCH & Others,E.T.C.,...
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