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Postby Thinking » Mon Jan 09, 2017 5:24 pm

URGENT(Because it concerns the International Nuclear Safety,Oncology,Humanity & planet Earth...)

To:United Nations,I.C.C.,European Authorities,ALL Members of European Parliament,Embassies of Nations, Others, Εισαγγελείες[Α.Π.+Εφετών+Πρωτοδικών]Αθηνών,Ε.Υ.Π.,Ελλην. Αστυνομία,κ.α.
c.c. European Ombudsman [ two(2) written pages document]

From: Joseph-Christos Kondylakis,Physicist graduated with Excellent degree from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki,Greece, Nuclear Physicist/specialized in Nuclear Fission(Applied+Theoretically) from McGill University of Canada financed with Canadian scholarship,former Assistant Technical Supervisor in the Nuclear Generation Div. Of “Ontario Hydro” in Canada,former Manager of Systems Design & Development in Canada, postal address: Mikras Asias 13,Agios Nikolaos,Anavissou,19013 Attiki,Greece,tel+fax:+30-2291055275 , Monday-9-January-2017

Dear Sir(s) or Madam(s)

In continuation of my letter communicated to you of date Friday-6-January-2017 which was primarily addressed to European Ombudsman concerning my case 896/2016/PMC ,refering to that Illegaly the European Parliament/Committee on Petitions is Not registering most of my Petitions and Illegaly was Rejecting most of my Petitions , although most of them was refering to VITAL Themes of Europe, Humanity and planet Earth as f.e. The International Nuclear Safety,Oncology/Cancer scientific research,Jewish Satanic(kabbalah,talmud) Worldwide Dictatorship ,I inform you that today I received the...negative decision of the European Ombudsman for my case 896/2016/PMC and also in the following I kindly ask you to Very Carefully Study,Think and React on my following answer to it...

Because the mentioned decision of European Ombudsman is NOT investigated the ESSENCE of my complain that :
The FIIRST priority in Justice Investigations is to finding theReal TRUE!! and NOT excuses as f.e. “hate” speak can stop the SEARCH FOR THE TRUE particulaly when it refer to UTMOST VITAL Themes as :
[1] THE PREVENTION OF EXTREME SEVERE NUCLEAR ACCIDENTS...[In relations to my Petitions to European Parliament concerning the International Nuclear Safety :
An Extreme Severe Nuclear Accident in which a Nuclear Fission Power Reactor explode as Nuclear Bomb ! , in a typical Nuclear Power plant of about 4 x 1000 MWe Nuclear Reactors AND with their used Nuclear fuel Storages is estimated to cost in very many Millions Human Deaths!!... and in money of the order of about 30 to 150 Trillions!! Euro...,in long time considerations..., reference “Theoretically and under very special applied conditions a nuclear fission reactor may explode as nuclear bomb” by Joseph-Christos Kondylakis, published in the proceedings of the 19th scientific symposium of the Hellenic Nuclear Physics Society, held in May 2010 ,at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece and it also exist in the Internet site: ] and as example I refer to my VITAL Petition in the European Parliament that they do NOT registering ,and my petition refers to ULTRA VITAL EUROPEAN & INTERNATIONAL NUCLEAR SAFETY Theme that the European Nuclear Safety REGULATORS!! Group [ENSREG] do NOT monitor and do NOT study the ULTRA VITAL Theme of NUCLEAR HUMAN FACTOR!!! which is considered the FIRST!! Cause in almost ALL Nuclear Accidents & Nuclear Caatsrophes!!!...S.O.S...S.O.S...

[2] In relations to my Petitions on my “The UNIFIED Theory of Oncology” scientific research :
Because my “The UNIFIED Theory of Oncology” is the First UNIFIED!! Theory in Oncology/Cancer illness that it is valid for All types of Cancers with Logical approach on Cancer Molecular and Sub-molecular Informatics which can act as a “compass” for accelarating the applied Oncological research towards to possible Cure of Cancer disease , at least in most of its cases...And
Because the Negative decision of European Ombudsman for my case put Barriers to the European Parliament to very carefull Study of my case(s) and to initiate further Studies,Investigations & Scientific Research in European & Worldwide Thinking & Actions , which we think will significanlty accelarate the International Applied Oncological Research towards to possibly Saving Millions of Human Lifes per year... and it is also put Barriers to me , the creator of “the UNIFIED Theory of Oncology” to contribute to its further scientific development for the benefits of the Health of Europe & Humanity ,and considering that my “The UNIFIED Theory of Oncology” have been presented in European Medical Conference & has been published in Medical scientific journal and it has received very good scientific comments from Professor Shigekoto Kaihara,M.D. of University of Tokyo ,Japan,1983 , who Professor Shigekoto Kaihara Internationally is considered as a Giant in the field of Medical Informatics...

[3] In relation to my Petitions to European Parliament and communications refering to the Jewish Worldwide Satanic(kabbalah,talmud) Dictatorship ,the NOT searching for the Real TRUE!! decision of European Ombudsman related to my Petitions to European Parliament and their relevant communications is at the minimum a Violation of Duty of European Ombudsman and it put a Barrier in the International efforts to Stop the evolution of Europe & Humanity & planet Earth towards to their Dehumanization! & Animalization! and their future Huge Catastrophe!!...
Therefore we conclude that :
I. The decision of European Ombudsman for my case 896/2016/PMC prove HIGH LACK of RESPONSIBILITY of European Ombudsman to ULTRA VITAL Interests of Europe,Humanity & planet Earth and the Internationally HIGH DANGEROUS of this European Ombudsman & her associates...
II. We recommend the creation of an Investigation Committee in European Parliament and Elsewhere to Investigate,Research & Act(s) on my Cases) with the FIRST JUSTICE CRITERIUM THE SEARCH FOR THE REAL TRUE!!!,E.T.C.,...
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Postby Thinking » Thu Jan 12, 2017 2:56 pm

A CLARIFICATION refering to my letter to you dated Monday-9-January-2017 refering to European Ombudsman, to ALL of my Petitions to European Parliament,International Nuclear Safety,Oncology,Jewish Worldwide Satanic(kabbalah,talmud) Dictatorship,E.T.C.,...

by Joseph-Christos Kondylakis,Research Scientist in Basic & Fundamental scientific research, tel+fax:+30-2291055275 , Anavissos region,19013 Attiki,Greece, on Thursday-12-January-2017

I. On my writings on International Nuclear Safety :
If a Nuclear Fission Reactor in a common Nuclear Power Plant of 4x1000 MWe explode as a Nuclear Bomb! then f.e. the Plutonium inventory of the Nuclear Power Plant and their used Nuclear fuel Storages about 20 Tones of Plutonium will go to World atmospheric circulation in inhalled particle sizes of Plutonium and Think that about one microgram(0.000001 gram) of inhalled Plutonium can cause Cancer to a human...therefore we write for Very Many Millions!! Human Deaths in long time consideration...
Also since the German Government has estimate the cost of Severe Nuclear Accident(WITHOUT the Nuclear fission reactor to explode as Nuclear Bomb) in Europe to result in economical cost of about 7 (seven) Trillions of Euro...therefore , because of the above written, we estimate the cost of an Extreme Severe Nuclear Accident(W hen a Nuclear Fission Power Reactor explode as Nuclear Bomb) to be estimated of the order of 30 to 150 TRILLIONS of Euro...
AND since the FIRST!! Cause in almost ALL Nuclear Accidents & Nuclear Catastrophes is the NUCLEAR HUMAN FACTOR!!! then , because of the above written , it is very clear the HUGE CRIMINAL LACK OF RESPONSIBILITY of the European Nuclear Safety REGULATORS!! Group (ENSREG) who do NOT Study,Investigate the NUCLER HUMAN FACTOR and the European Ombudsman for REJECTING my relevant Complain...S.O.S...S.O.S...

II. On my writings on Oncology :
Simply Think ,in 1983 when the Super-Advertised “Harvard University” in U.S.A. and its Professors Antoniades were Very Widely Internationally adverised that they found the Cause of Cancer disease to be...a virus pirate ,and the International & National Mass communication Media very widely presented his research , that time , in 1983 , I was foundated the Molecular & Sub-molecular Informatics with my scientific article on “The UNIFIED Theory of Oncology” , BUT ,in 1983, NONE scientific journal wanted to publish my scientific research on Oncology and the scientific journals did NOT acknowledge to me the receival of the registered letter that contained my scientific article on “The UNFIED Theory of Oncology” and NEVER in Greece and Internationally a Mass Communication Media wanted to publish my scientific research on “The UNIFIED Theory of Oncology” … very possibly because I did NOT follow jewish interests , since the above journals & Media are jewish controlled, directly or/and Indirectly...,E.T.C.,...

III. On my writtings on Jewish Worldwide Satanic(kabbalah,talmud) Dictatorship :
Simply , Think of the Fact that the Jewish relision of kabbalah is the BASE of the BLACK MAGIC & HUMAN SACRIFICES TO SATAN!!! (MURDERS with SUPER-TERRIFIED VICTIMS) and the Jewish religion of talmud is the MOST SUPER-HATE religion AGAINST THE GENTILES(NOT jews)...and very carefully Study the relevant Information I have provided in ALL of my Petitions to European Parliament and to my relevant Communications as well as Very Carefully Study the information in the relevant Internet sites & books that I mention in my Communications,E.T.C.,...
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Postby Thinking » Sat Jan 28, 2017 1:49 pm

Subject: My Thanks to Canada,McGill University & Aristotle University
of Thessaloniki & to my Professors ,E.T.C....

In reply to your email to me entitled "How are you #McGill Proud?" I
send to you my following answer that you may publish it:

Canada stimulated me , in 1983, to try my scientific research thinking
in the Fundamental problem(s) of Oncology so I created a Fundamental
Theory in Oncology “The UNIFIED Theory of Oncology”, based on
molecular & sub-molecular informatics and so I think also for first
time I founded the field of cell molecular & submolecular
About how Canada stimulated me to work on the Fundamental scientific
research in Oncology , refer to my file 8081/5-11-1998 at the
Prosecution of the Supreme Court of Justice in Greece...
For my creation of “The UNIFIED Theory of Oncology” I want to Thanks very much:
a. The Aristotle University of Thessaloniki,Greece for the excellent
background it gave me in Physics,in Mathematics and in Chemistry...
b. My Radioamateur (SV1GZ) opportunities in
Designs,Constructions,Operations of my Electronics devices...
c. Prof. Gerald Ratzer , at McGill University in Canada for his
excellent course on Mini-Micro computers Organizations & Data Bases...
d. The books that I mention in my “The UNIFIED Theory of Oncology”

McGill University in Montreal in Canada , offer me unique opportunity
to make scientific research in Applied & Theoretical Nuclear Fission.
Very Much I want to Thank my M.Sc thesis supervisor Prof. Jonathan Lee
who trust me to continue my work on scientific research by myself on
the Theoretical Nuclear Fission , since in my time at McGill
University,in 1975-1976, there was none at McGill University working
on scientific research on the Theoretical Nuclear Fission...

In addition McGill University & Canada very much widen my horizons in
multi-sciences scientific research and in International affairs...

From: Joseph-Christos Kondylakis,Research Scientist,Mikras Asias
13,Agios Nikolaos,Anavissou, 19013
, Thusday-24-January-2017
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Real Name: Ιωσήφ-Χρήστος Κονδυλάκης
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