CSAW 2018 - Embedded Security Challenge

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CSAW 2018 - Embedded Security Challenge

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Grenoble-INP Esisar is organizing in Valence, France the European edition of the Cybersecurity Awareness Week (https://csaw.io/intl-locations/csaw-europe) in collaboration with New York University (csaw.io).

Finalists of the competition are granted (to cover hotel and travel cost) to come in France for on-site competitions. Awards will be given for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place (respectively 700, 500 and 300 euros).

Linkedin page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/csaw-europe

During the vent, a career fair with cyber security companies will be organized. Also keynotes will be given by security experts. Finally, a free social event will be held on Friday night.

You can find hereafter more details about the competitions:
• The Embedded Systems Challenge (ESC) 2018 competition considers the expansion of the threat landscape caused by IoT devices, and invites contestants to develop covert attacks that (mis)use IoT devices - smart bulbs in particular - to exfiltrate data through side-channels from air-gapped networks. The ESC18 competition is divided into two phases:
1. A preliminary qualification phase, where teams must compile and submit a written report characterizing possible side-channel attacks that (mis)use IoT devices, such as smart light bulbs, to stealthily exfiltrate secret information.
2. A final phase, where qualified teams are invited to the CSAW event of their region to present a live demonstration of their implementations on smart light bulbs provided by the organizers.

Please check the attached flyer for details.

Online Registration: https://github.com/momalab/csaw_esc_2018

Questions: csaw-europe-esc@esisar.grenoble-inp.fr

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